Transmission of knowledge in dance teaching rests in oral tradition: passed on from body to body; inscribing, integrating, expanding knowledge in a variety of ways. This is the beauty of what we do. It also poses limitations on how we process our daily experience in teaching and learning dance, and in how we share what we know. This very fact has been our stepping stone for MIND THE DANCE. Knee-deep in documentation practices through IDOCDE, we witness the transformative effects of noting, scribbling, drawing, pondering, and visualizing work of teaching. We have come to realize the significance of various reflective modes in developing and transforming the dance class – benefitting both the learning and the teaching. With this in mind we, a group of diverse dance artists from all corners of Europe, have developed MIND THE DANCE, generously supported by our partners and Erasmus+. Our aim is to inspire dance teachers towards integrating documentation ideas into their practices – to guide and to give resources for the art of reflective teaching. MIND THE DANCE is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps framing the politics around our practices, giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications. Our objective is to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist towards finding their own ways into creative documenting, which in return may reframe and reshape the teaching and the practice of dance. Remember, your results – both of teaching and documentation practices – are of interest to your colleagues, students, and other audiences on and elsewhere. Keep moving, thinking, exploring, sharing, and enjoying the dances. Make your work visible. It is our legacy!

Bertha Bermúdez Pascual
Is a dancer, choreographer, and dance researcher. She works combining teaching, lecturing, giving advice, researching dance documentation and doing choreographic work within different institutions: Dantzaz Compania, Conservatoire Nationale de Bayonne, and Las Negras Productions. She has initiated and coordinated various research projects at ICKamsterdam and the ARTI group of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Currently she is doing PhD at the Amsterdam University, Research School of Memory and Heritage Studies.

Defne Erdur, PhD
Is trained in Contemporary Dance (PhD), Sociology (MA), Intermodel Art Therapy, Body Therapies, Meditation, and Trauma Healing (SEP). She has been regularly teaching and researching at ImPulsTanz, MSGSU Istanbul State Conservatory, ElimSende, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association, and CI-Turkey as well as supporting WINPeace and Beyond Borders initiatives. Invested in building safe, inclusive, and collaborative creative environments she performs and offers her workshops – Hunting Gathering Cultivating, Every Body Knows, Mind the Body, and Embodying Time – around the world. Defne is the co-founder of IDOCDE and editor of

Eszter Gál
Is a dancer and teacher, working at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest. She is a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher. Her core interest is somatic-based movement research, improvisation performance and community work for dance education. She is a guest teacher at master workshops and international festivals. She also organizes national and international events, workshops, and projects. She is the co-founder of IDOCDE and project coordinator of Reflex Europe.

Sabina Holzer
Is a performer, choreographer, and author. She facilitates interdisciplinary gatherings at the intersection of theory and dance practice. She is a certified practitioner in systemic-integrational movement study. She is an editorial member of and writes, publishes, and performs texts in relation to contemporary dance and performance. She collaborates closely with artist Jack Hauser, with whom she realizes performances and interventions, in Tanzquartier Wien, ImPulsTanz, Lentos-Museum of Modern Art, Essl Museum, Machfeld Studio, documenta13, Im_flieger, and other (artist run) initiatives.

Andrea Keiz
Works as a freelance artist in the field of video documentation of performing arts. Besides documenting dance for research projects like Tanztechniken 2010, TANZFONDS ERBE she works closely with various artists and is part of the artistic research group AREAL, based in Berlin. In addition to filming and editing she is advising students in documentation, camera work, and archiving in several dance programs in Germany as well as offering workshops in video/dance and perception.

Kerstin Kussmaul
Is a movement researcher, improviser and musician. She teaches somatics based on Myoreflex therapy and contemporary dance throughout Europe and at the University of Auckland. Her artistic and acedemic interests are the development of somatic practices, and the decision-making processes in improvisation from a cognitive viewpoint. Kerstin founded the IDOCDE network in 2011, and she heads subsequent projects since – out of the wish to collaborate with other dancers and teachers, and to make contemporary dance and its mediation visible.

Friederike Lampert, PhD
Is a dance researcher, dance teacher, and choreographer. She is working in the field of dance transmission at K3-Zentrum für Choreographie Tanzplan Hamburg, leading the K3-Youth Club since 2007. Besides teaching theory and practice of dance at Universities and schools, she has been working as research fellow for several research projects such as the Palucca Hochschule for Dance Dresden, Codarts- University for Dance, Rotterdam, and Tanzplan Deutschland.

Anouk Llaurens
Is a freelance dance artist, teacher, researcher and shiatsu practitioner. She is currently leading a research on poetic, polyphonic, and live documentation. She recently completed the post-master program at a.pass, Brussels (BE). Anouk is in long-term collaboration with trans-disciplinary artist Julien Bruneau. She is guest teacher at KASK (BE), Contredanse (BE), Charleroi Danse (BE), Laban Center and Independent Dance (UK), ImPulsTanz (AU), La menagerie de verre (FR).

Ulla Mäkinen
Is a contemporary dancer, teacher and lecturer currently directing the dance department in North Karelia College, Outokumpu, Finland. She graduated from the MA program of Contemporary Dance Pedagogy in University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main and continues to work internationally in Europe, Asia and North America. She is in the Axis Syllabus teacher certification process. Besides dancing, she also practices and teaches yoga. She is one of the representatives of dance in the Art Council of Finland.

Martin Streit
Works in the Media Department at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. He is connected to the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main Frankfurt/Germany. In the dance research project Motion Bank he was coordinator for the Piecemaker development. He is the technology coordinator for IDOCDE and researcher in the REFLEX Europe project.



MIND THE DANCE is a publication of REFLEX Europe, which is a 3 year EU-project co-financed by Erasmus+ and 8 European partners. It builds upon the platform.

REFLEX Europe Project Team

Kerstin Kussmaul
Project Head

Eszter Gál
Project Coordinator

Defne Erdur Editor

Pavle Heidler Co-editor

Martin Streit
Technology Coordinator

Claire Blaschke
Symposium Coordinator

Lieve De Pourcq
Symposium Coordinator

Olivia Schellander
Symposium Coordinator

Research Group
Amir Avraham
Bertha Bermúdez Pascual
Defne Erdur
Eszter Gál
Sabina Holzer
Nicolas Hubert
Andrea Keiz
Kerstin Kussmaul
Friederike Lampert
Anouk Llaurens
Ulla Mäkinen
Barbara Meneses
Martin Streit
John Taylor
Suzan Tunca

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Bertha Bermúdez Pascual
Defne Erdur
Eszter Gál
Sabina Holzer
Friederike Lampert
Martin Streit

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Amir Avraham
Daria Kiseleva

Fred Cave

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